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CHAMPIONS cassette (DE008CS)

by Whiskerman



"Champions" is the epic new album from Whiskerman! Formed in Oakland, California in the beginning of the new millenium, Whiskerman quickly became a favorite amongst Bay Area audiences with their unique blend of folk-rock coupled with mysterious and profound lyricism and evocative instrumentation. Champions is a masterpiece of wide-ranging scope and ambition, the definitive statement from a band in their prime. Featuring barroom rock n' roll, blue eyed soul, pastoral folk, workingman's blues, and rainy day ragas, the album is a tour de force that takes the listener on a hero's journey of Dostoevsky-ian proportions. The songs deal with life and love and success and failure and what it means to be alive in a world where everything is small.

Track Listing:
- - - SIDE A - - -
1. Louie
2. Jackie & Delilah
3. Saturday
4. Troublemaker
5. Only One Of Us Can See What The Universe Thinks Of Beer
6. Buddy
7. It's Easy Now

- - - SIDE B - - -
8. Law Of The Hemisphere
9. Waking Up In Providence
10. Everything Is Small
11. Champions
12. The Kingdom
13. Gold (I Don't Mind It)
14. Wonder

catalog # DE008CS