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by GospelbeacH


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"Pacific Surf Line" is the debut album from GospelbeacH--the new band featuring members of Beachwood Sparks, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, and Everest. Produced by Scott Hackwith, along with singer-songwriter Brent Rademaker and guitarist Jason Soda, the nine song collection of tunes recalls the sun and surf of The Beach Boys; the Sunset Strip vibrations of Buffalo Springfield and The Byrds; the melancholy musings of Gene Clark and Graham Parsons; and the rollicking bootcut boogie of Poco and The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Warmly evocative and refreshingly down-to-earth, the group spins tales of old friends, life, love, and the California Coastline. Moody introspection and starry-eyed wonder sit side-by-side like summer sun and coastal fog. From beginning to end, the album unwinds like the California Steamer rolling through the hills of California. 

Royal Oakie is proud to present the cassette release of Pacific Surf Line as a part of Cassette Store Day! Available in stores and online on October 17th, 2015.

Track Listing:
- - - SIDE A - - -
1. California Steamer
2. Sunshine Skyway
3. Your Freedom
4. Mick Jones
5. Come Down

- - - SIDE B - - -
6. Southern Girl
7. Out Of My Mind (On Cope And Reed)
8. Alone
9. Damsel In Distress

catalog # DE010CS